You are welcome to involve in our travel projects below by inviting us to stay at a place, suggesting us to do one or more things, participating actively in our trip and absolutely supporting us to go.
  • Completing TRANS SARBAGITA Bus Integrated Map
    Bali (Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Uluwatu).

    Trans Sarbagita is a new hope for locals and travelers as there had been no public transportation in Bali they could rely on before. Until June 2013, there have been two corridors running. Unfortunately, no one provides clear information and publication that most people still choose to use private vehicles and don't know much about this bus service. I have created an integrated map of it that can be accessed here. The map is not perfect yet, however, as it is only based on a two-day research during short vacation. Send us back to Bali and we will collect more information about the bus stops, attractions nearby and the feeders. We will upgrade the integrated map we had created before so it will be more accurate and very useful both for locals and tourists

    To do this project we need some cost simply for airplane tickets and accommodation. You can support us by providing a place to stay, tickets, or simply donating. Any sponsorship of individual or company will be attached on the integrated map.

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