Eternal Rain at Curug Cipendok

Curug Cipendok

The word curug is derived from Sundanese language, meaning 'waterfall'. Since Indonesia does not really have big waterfalls, curug refers to small waterfalls for most of the time. But this Curug Cipendok is considered a big one and of course one of the most beautiful curugs that the country has.

Curug Cipendok is located about 25 km away from the third largest city in Central Java-Purwokerto. The fair distance from my hometown made a good reason for me and my family to have a half-day recreation trip to the place. Before the entrance gate to Curug Cipendok, there is a road leading to the Butterfly Park. This area of nature hosts some species of butterflies and orchids that exist only there. Besides, there are also other rare plants, lutungs (Javanese monkeys), Javanese tigers, and snakes. It makes the area around Curug Cipendok a good place for scientific research as well.

To reach the location of the waterfall, visitors may take public transport from Bulupitu Bus Terminal in Purwokerto towards Ajibarang and get off at the T-Junction of Losari Market, Cilongok. From there, take the Losari-Karangtengah angkot to the site. But again to say, the public transports there are not reliable. First, they do not operate in full day and only few may approach the final destination (they will make u-turn to look for more passengers in opposite direction and drop you in the middle of the way when there is only you inside).

In that case, taking public transport is not suitable at all for a family trip. That was why we brought our own car. There were five of us in the car. To enter the waterfall area, we were charged IDR 7,500 per person. After parking the car, we still had to walk about 500 metres to see the curug. The first 300 metres was ascending path and the last 200 metres was descending but more challenging due to its steepness and it got more slippery than before. In between, it had some stalls and space to relax. Only the couple finished the course, the rest of the members just stayed here.

As we got closer and closer to the waterfall, the sound of water became clearer. Once we got nearer the curug, soft rain poured down on us and caught our body wet. It was not raining though, the weather was totally fine. But the 92-metre waterfall was splashing the water quite high to the air and when it dropped back down it was like a rain. It seems to happen all the time being and this is what we referred as the eternal rain.
Unless we walk 500 metres from the parking lot, all we have is the sound of the waterfall.
The rest area in between the ascending and descending course

The always wet area around the waterfall due to the eternal rain
[updated 2017] 
The previously clear water of Curug Cipendok turned into muddy as the color of coffee milk due to the controversial government project of geothermal plant which is believed by some to destruct thenature around Mountain Slamet. In 2017, the number of visitors to the waterfall were reported to be decreased by 90%. Will the beauty of Curug Cipendok be just a sweet memory in the near future? And will the eternal rain there be no longer eternal?

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