Bangkok the Returns

Selfie with Anggalia, our senior as well as returning customer
Reunion is indeed a nice thing as at that time we would have a chance to meet our old friends, recall old stories and fool around. For a businessman like me, reunion with old customers become a special joy for myself. Someone come to you as a returning customer for a reason, which is satisfaction of your product she/he previously paid for. It was a senior in the university who once joined TRAVELdonk tour to Singapore now traveled with us to Bangkok, Thailand. This was an exclusive tour for her because she was the only person we brought along.

There were two low cost airlines serving direct flights to Bangkok from Indonesia, i.e. Air Asia Indonesia and Thai Lion Air. Both made Don Mueang airport as a portal to Bangkok. This time we had an opportunity to experience flying with Thai Lion Air which was better than Air Asia in some aspects. Some of them were free check-in baggage and snacks on board.

After passing through the immigration at Don Mueang Airport, we took A2 bus toward the downtown. This bus ran along some BTS stations until it terminated at Victory Monument. This roundabout area covered an important junction, BTS station, as well as local bus and minivan terminals. More importantly, here we could find cheap food and stuff with local price.
At Victory Monument
Bangkok is undoubtedly a very interesting city to visit. But the main problem for travelers here is its vicious  sun heat. We're all from a hot country too like Thailand so we'd been sick of it already. We didn't have any intentions to get more tanned anyway. So after eating, we decided to go straight to the hotel and took a break until the sun hid its face from us.

To reach the hotel, we took the BTS Sukhumvit Line then walked about 800 meters. Need to know that Sukhumvit is the longest road in Thailand (and even in the world!). Smaller roads (sois) are branches out of this road and they are numbered but also called with a name. For example, Sukhumvit Soi 55 is also called Thong Lo. Here was where we stayed. There are cafes and bars lining down the road, some of which are Japanese style as many Japanese people living here. Staying in Thong Lo is a good alternative for those who are not into night life and expect a quiet room unlike in Khao San area. The distance to Ekammai Bus Terminal from here is also quite near (within walking distance, 15-20 minutes away).
Besides cafes, street food area also plenty along Sukhumvit 55 (Thong Lo).
A visitor of Erawan Shrine
was kneeling while praying
accompanied by shrine dancers.
When dark, we went out the hotel and started to explore Bangkok. First, we came to Erawan Shrine located in Chidlom. This temple is always visited by many people for its strategic location and its uniqueness. In the middle of Thai society which is Buddhist in majority, this place of worship is dedicated for Brahma God, four-faced in statue. Recently, more people curiously come here after the bomb attack in 2015 which killed 20 and injured more than 100.
The golden elephants at Erawan Shrine
Next, we crossed the main road to get into the biggest shopping mall in Thailand; Central World. This mall is owned by CPN which also has got many other malls like Central Festival and Central Plaza across the country. When coming to other cities in Thailand, please consider to enter these malls as they usually give some advantages for tourists. Like when I went to Udon Thani earlier, I could claim a free SIM Card by only presenting my passport. Also when in Chiang Mai, I took the mall's free shuttle to the airport
Across the Central World
The next place we visited was also a shopping center. This mall, however, was different from the others. Asiatique the Riverfront, that's how the mall named. Located on the riverside of Chao Phraya River, this place was very easy to reach by free shuttle boat from Saphan Taksin. The shopping center was designed very interestingly with the concept of mixing night market and shopping mall together. So, the building was kind of half-indoor.

It was just a moment when we started to hunt cheap stuff there (especially clothes), the sky's tears came down to earth. The clothes section was not getting wet by the rain, but we decided to go there soon anyway. It's good to leave before being crazy in shopping here because we knew that there's still cheaper place to shop in Bangkok. Asiatique the Riverfront is not the perfect place to shop a lot of things, but this place really worth a visit as it gives many things for visitors, from short cruising experience on Chao Phraya to refreshment to the eye.
On the shuttle boat to Asiatique the Riverfront
There are many nice spots to take pictures with at Asiatique the Riverfront,
but for us the must-take picture with is the observation wheel .
To understand the whole picture of life in Bangkok, we'd got a plan to survey one of the 'hot' locations in the heart of the capital city, i.e. Patpong. But the divine intervention didn't allow good guys like us to go there. Arriving BTS Silom, the rain was still so heavy. Yet to get to Patpong, it required a little walk from the station. If it were not raining, night market stalls would have filled the pedestrian walk along that area. But now only a few of them opened under the rain. Well, our mission to the nightlife area was aborted. So be it, we would go to Pattaya on the next day anyway.

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