SINGAKU [Part 3]: Free Transfers to Places in KL

GoKL Bus Red Line
From the previous story, it was told that we had been split into two groups in Johor Bahru. One group was traveling to KL by train and the other by bus. The bus arrived KL first because in Malaysia the train stops a lot while the express way connectivity was very good across the country. Vehicles would not find any significant obstacles especially when they travel at night. But the plus side of traveling by train with berth is the chance to sleep better. It also would drop us right at the city center. Buses would only take us to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan located on the outskirts of the city. From TBS there are many transportation options to KL Sentral. We opted the commuter train. The waiting time for the train was quite long as it was not the peak time yet.

After regrouping in KL Sentral and had a little breakfast there, we hit the road again to Chow Kit. The guesthouse there looked a little bit run down but still it had got an elevator. Many people who stayed there was from the Middle East countries. They were very friendly to us. One of them even gave us Arabian bread.
The GoKL bus red line we took from KL Sentral to Chow Kit carried only few passengers inside [upper picture].
It seemed many people had not yet recognized about the new line existence, I think it would take little time for being
popular like the purple line (Pasar Seni-Bukit Bintang) which had started to operate earlier  [lower picture].
After we were allowed to check in, everybody did their own business like taking a shower and laying on a bed. I used my free time to survey around and buy a new sandal (after I felt that wearing shoes for traveling is not very convenient for my feet). The well-known Chow Kit Market was just outside the guesthouse. Here i recognized that this area has a large Indonesian community. I was convinced about even before listening to the language they spoke as I saw many stalls selling bakso. Even I could find Indonesian newspapers sold here.

This was the first time for the couple to stay in Chow Kit area. Before, it could only be accessed by the monorail. The KL monorail was considered inefficient by some people. So being couple of times in KL before, we never chose to come here. Thanks to the new operating red line of GoKL Bus. Chow Kit area was now accessible for free.

The new red line of GoKL bus also provided a nice view on the way to Chow Kit. It passed through museums and old buildings such as Ibu Pejabat KTM Berhad and many others in Dataran Merdeka. It stopped at Medan Mara* as the terminus. So we had to alight and took another one to Chow Kit. Another new line (blue) of GoKL was also there. After the free time, we returned to one of the old buildings we just passed by this morning and took many narcissist pictures here and further to Masjid Negara.

*updated in 2015, the red and blue lines are now extended to Terminal Tun Razak and make it as a terminus.
A fruit stall in Chow Kit Market
In front of Ibu Pejabat KTM Berhad

Inside the KL Old Railway Station
GoKL CityBus Map
The red line was not only interconnected to the blue line as seen on the map above. There was actually an interchange between the red and the purple line through the old railway station. It required quite a walk though. That what just we did till we reached Pasar Seni Hub and then took the purple line to Bukit Bintang.

After narcissist pictures taking part 2, we then walked through Bukit Bintang Skybridge to KLCC Park. I always led a group of people through this way. And sorry folks, from now on the story would be the same with previous KL tours, except for a mother with her son who went into Petrosains. The rest of it was the classical waiting time in KLCC Park until dark and then watched a beautiful dancing water at the lake. Then for the final activity today it must have been.....wait for it....
At Bukit Bintang Area

Right Under the Petronas Twin Towers!
Every weekend KLCC Park is always bustled with locals, foreign workers and tourists.
Located inside Suria Mal KLCC, Petrosains is a contemporary center
for those willing to learn science in fun.
Colorful fountain in KLCC after dark
.... Eating in Jalan Alor! We would not miss that absolutely. KL might have cheaper and better food than here but Jalan Alor gave us the environment we needed to take good picture of all. After dinner, we could have taken the new blue line of GoKL and then transferred to the red for a free transfer to return to Chow Kit. Instead I decided to take the monorail, so the others might experience what it was like riding on it. Don't wait for monorail in Jakarta! You might be dead already when it operates (You must be Indonesians to understand this joke). And so today was closed by the monorail show.
Dinner at Jalan Alor

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