SINGAKU [Part 1]: The Swap in Singapore

 Welcoming Sculpture at Terminal 3 Changi Airport
There was a swap in the traveling party today as 4 persons left for home and 5 other persons joined the party replacing them. In other words, the tour in Singapore still went on but with different people. Before thinking about visiting the attractions, I had to do both taking and picking up people from and to Changi Airport. There were 4 different flight schedules so it made four return trips to Changi Airport in a day. Not so bad though as the airport was well-connected by MRT from town. But it was kind of boring for me to have same view over and over again.

Changi Airport is not only the among busiest airport in the world but also the best. Many things to see inside the airport, so it's better to come early when having a flight from Changi Airport. It's even provide free tour for those who transit more than 5.5 hours. This three-terminal airport is very comfortable from its check-in line with one line system to many entertainments inside such as free internet, box-office movies, video games, thematic gardens, and many more.
Kinetic Rain at Terminal 1 Changi Airport

The members swap process took half a day. Then it was just before sunset when we were on the road again. Today's destinations were still around the Marina Bay. While most of them were the same with what previous group visited, Suntec City became a new place for all. Here we aimed for Fountain of Wealth, the largest fountain in the world. The mall is connected through undergrounds passage to other shopping malls (like Citylink Mall and Marina Square) and three metro stations. It required a little walk but the direction board was pretty clear in guiding us.

The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City

The Fountain of Wealth lit up at night

The other place made the difference on the list of places visited on previous day was Esplanade. This durian-shaped building is simply a concert hall. Outside the building is frequently used for art performances as well, like when we were there, a traditional music performance was performing on the stage. And guess what? The performing group was from Indonesia! In Southeast Asia scope, Singapore is best in the sense of economic development and social order, but I think Indonesia still leads when it comes to the art. Well, art doesn't follow rule most of the time, does it?

A pedestrian bridge connecting Esplanade and Merlion Park was being constructed.

Inside the Esplanade

Underground Walk to Esplanade
After Esplanade, we visited same places like the other day, but with different looks because it was at night. Lights from high buildings around Marina Bay made the view even more gorgeous. On the way to Merlion Park, we stopped a while to see what-so-called "Wonderfull Laser Show" from the Marina Bay Sands across the bay.

The swap in the tour members today let us travel with some people we didn't know before. But in no time, we got along one another. Especially when the time came for taking pictures and selfies. After taking photos at the Merlion Park, we headed to Marina Bay Sands through Helix Bridge which was so wonderful at night.

Anyway, our tour around Singapore today wouldn't be this economical without Singapore Tourist Pass. This pass served as a three-day unlimited journey pass for buses, MRT, and LRT. Remember that I did 4 return trips to the airport today. It would have cost me quite a lot if I didn't use this $20 worth card with an additional $10 deposit which is refundable when returned later. After a long day, we were really tired and began to lose things due to lack of concetration. One of the tour members lost his STP and so had to lose his $10 deposit in it.

Singapore Tourist Pass
We went back to the guesthouse when it was already around midnight, yet we felt just safe along the way. I personally would never feel that way when traveling at night in Jakarta or other big cities in my country. In fact, Singapore is one of the safest metropolitan in the world. CCTVs are in every corner of the city and the punishments from doing crime are severe. But always remember that low crime doesn't mean no crime. So don't let your guard down anywhere you travel!

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