A Dead End Named 'Tanjung Latuhalat'

Hi readers, now I am going to discuss about the place at the background!
'Tanjung' literally means 'cape'. As a skull-shaped island, Ambon has some capes like Tanjung Alang and Tanjung Marthafonz. Both are quite popular among locals and tourists alike. But there is another cape which I am going to discuss about here. When people in Ambon say 'Tanjung' only, it mostly refers to this very place. Located in Waimahu village in the southern part of the island, it becomes the 'mouth' of Ambon Bay along with Tanjung Alang at the cross.  Every ship coming in and out the main port in the city has to pass through here. Look at the map below for better explanation.
Ambon Island
To get there by land, you just need to take the same route to Namalatu Beach but then keep following the paved road till its end. Park your vehicle and walk along the coral beach till you see this:
From here, visitors may see Tanjung Alang located at the cross.
Due to its kind-of-hidden location, I don't think tourists recognize this place. We didn't see one when we were there, except the foreign tourists we brought along with us. No wonder since here is a point beyond which no movement or progress can be made. We were not alone though as local boys and girls were there for swimming and fishing. If you think you will have white sand here then your eyes must have deceived you. The next picture will show you more clearly the ground of this place.
The bright ground of Tanjung. From distance it may be seen as white sand but it's not.
Sandy beach is right over there, not here.
So Tanjung is not a place for white sand lovers but for those who love rocks. Yeah, the formations of rocks here are worth to capture. Most of the rocks show volcanic characteristics. On the ground we also found things look like dried lava. That's why every time I went there I wondered what happened in the past. I made up a theory that instead of a bay, Ambon island used to have a lake. A big volcano shut the 'mouth' of what now the ships passage but then erupted. Was long time ago there really a volcano here? No one knows. I don't know if there has ever been any research regarding this. Will it discover the mystery or will it meet a dead end like this place?
Rocks and rocks.
Rock Structure Close-up (1)
Rock Structure Close-up (2)
Tanjung does not seem to be an official tourist destination. Yet you still have to pay when entering the area. Usually, a local boy will soon identify tourists and collect money from them. The amount to pay is flexible, normally IDR 5,000 per vehicle. Having paid, do not leave this place too soon. There are still other things to do besides observing rocks and assuming about what happened in the past. For examples:
Refresh yourself in a natural mini pool next to the sea. It is much colder than the sea water.
Take pictures of different spots like this one.
Learn how to fish like locals.
Do somersaults into the sea. Don't worry about the rocks.
The water is quite deep even when still there!
Climb to the peak! It's rocky and kind of challenging.
Last thing to say about this place; DO NOT COME HERE AT NOON. Tanjung is an open area and sun heat there is ferocious. This is not a place to sunbath either. Come in the late afternoon to enjoy the breezing air and the calm sea (unsure of this one).

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