Pancuran Pitu, the COOLest HOT Springs Near My Hometown

Pancuran Pitu Hot Springs
For me, Pancuran Pitu HOT Springs is the COOLest attraction in the area of Baturraden (please read the previous article about Baturraden here). Pitu means seven in Javanese. There are seven springs here indeed, which turn the surrounding rocks yellowish. This what makes the scenery in this area unique. But, this place is visited is not only to spoil the eyes. The hot water containing sulfur in Pancoran Pitu is believed by many people to be able to cure as well as resist various disease.

To get there, visitors can actually take both private and rented vehicle through Bumi Perkemahan Baturraden. However, if you expect a more challenging journey you can take another route; a 2.5-kilometer-escalated walk. First, we had to take the green angkot from Purwokerto to Objek Wisata Baturraden. The angkot can be found in Pasar Wage, Kebon Dalem, and Pabuaran. Be ready to crowd inside as most of the passengers are merchants and farmers with all their luggage. In case you bring much, they will sincerely help you to put it on and off the car. Don't forget to make sure that you will be dropped off just in front of the gate of Obyek Wisata Baturraden. If you don't tell the driver, you may end up at the Baturraden Terminal which is still few hundred meters from the gate. When going back, you also do not need to walk down to the terminal. Many angkots will be waiting for passengers at the same place they drop you when coming.

From the Obyek Wisata Baturraden, follow the direction board to Pancuran Pitu. You will pass through pines forest. As long as you follow the road, you won't be likely to get lost. At that time we took this route, the area was really quiet. It seemed only us there till we met an old man carrying dozens of bamboo sticks on his shoulder while walking with bare foots. He replied my greetings very friendly. We also found two tents built on a flat ground. Camping in the middle of forest sounds cool and worth to try someday. :)

When arrived at Pancuran Pitu, we had to pay again IDR 7,500 after paying IDR 8,000 at the main gate down there. If you purchase the integrated ticket cost IDR 20,000 you don't need to pay again when passing ticket counter at Pancoran Pitu and Pancoran Telu. However, I don't think it's available all the time. (UPDATE June 2016: The entrance ticket to Baturraden is now IDR 14,000 and it's IDR 10,000 for Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu each. The integrated ticket is no more). Like at that moment, the counter person told me that it was not available. Some people say you can enter Pancuran Pitu without paying anything by taking the routes frequently used by locals. Of course there is no sign board for this. So, if you don't want risk getting lost, it's better to take the appropriate path. From the ticket counter, we still had to continue walking through some stairs for hundreds of meters before we really arrived at Pancuran Pitu.

This is the main gate to "Objek Wisata Baturraden"
A pathway to Pancuran Pitu
Through the pines forest

The air in this area is still fresh yet prone to be contaminated when many people coming. Many visitors would also mean many smokers. They won't hesitate to smoke near other people. Anyway, the fresh air will turn to warm when getting closer to the hot spring location. The supporting facilities in this area are fairly good. There are some changing and cleaning rooms. Food vendors are abundant. Some locals offer foot massage. Souvenirs like bracelets or key chains can be bought for IDR 10,000 per 3 pieces, free to write your name on it. Very cheap, isn't it?

These are the seven hot springs
Not only domestic tourists but also a couple of foreigners come to this place.

Don't forget to bring extra clothes as it can't help being wet.
Contrary to the hot water uphill, down here the water is really cold.
Going back down to the Objek Wisata Baturraden, we relaxed a bit by eating some rabbit satay which has become one of the top culinary in Baturraden. Then we treated our tired legs by fish therapy cost only Rp 5,000 for 30 minutes. Thanks God the place is quite near to my home.

Relaxing while eating rabbit satay here.

Kristin felt tickled very much when the fishes came to give her foots therapy.
Plants lovers would get excited when visiting Baturraden

-Baturraden Highlands: The Nearest Escape from Home

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