KuaTour (Part 5) - The Happy Ending of KuaTour

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Instead of returning to the old railway station, we alighted at KL Sentral, the current main transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur. The couple enthusiastically showed the tour attendants the things they found quite interesting during their first time visit such as vending machine selling cheap drinks (normally in Indonesia the drinks in vending machine is much more expensive and the machine itself won't stand at unguarded places in order to avoid criminal actions), payable lockers, and also the Light Rapid Transit or LRT; an automatic train without any driver inside.
Vending Machine at KL Sentral
We took this LRT to Masjid Jamek. Just outside the station stood the most important mosque in KL. To enter here, there's a very strict dress code. We were not qualified to enter so we just enjoyed the unique architecture of Masjid Jamek from outside. We moved on and passed by another mosque, Masjid India. Both mosques were actually designed by a British christian. Thinking that there would be similar dress code regulation, we just passed by the mosque and headed to Jalan TAR where we had lunch in a "Kedai Mamak", a Muslim-Indian restaurant. I used my common sense when there are so many people in a foodstall it means that the food there is good. But later I think our lunch was overcharged. 

The tourist family was having a difficult time when entering Masjid Jamek
Jalan Melayu near Masjid India is one of the haven of shopping-lovers in KL
Long queue for lunch
After lunch, we entered the old city area of KL. So many well-preserved heritage buildings stood around us. But we had no much time to be impressed coz the sun heat in KL was ferocious. We hid ourselves by going through the basement right under Dataran Merdeka. I thought it was merely a car park but it brought us to small underground shopping mall and eventually to the KL City Gallery, my favorite place in this tour.

Clear directions do help tourists to know where to go
Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the most scenic site in the old city area
Going through the basement
Places we visited around Dataran Merdeka:
(1) Muzium Tekstil Negara, (2) Kl City Gallery, (3) Chocolate Museum
There were so many things to do at KL City Gallery. Outside, we took pictures with the iconic "I Love KL". And inside we learnt the history of KL, enjoyed free wi-fi and got free souvenir! One of the most excellent thing to see here was the miniature of KL. It showed us the current cityscape in details and even the future upcoming buildings. The capital city was planned very well, I guess. The gallery was also a good place to shop. Though the goods were more expensive than in traditional markets but it all looked in a very good quality.

Learn the KL History inside KL City Gallery
Just before the shop, we could see artisans making handicrafts.
Next, we paid Textile Museum a visit. There were almost no other visitors than us. This made the security guard of this museum who looked quite lonely started a conversation with us. Like being our tour guide, he explained to us about tribes in Malaysia. Textile Museum also provides free souvenirs for the visitors but we didn't take it as we didn't know about it earlier.

Before going back to the guesthouse, which was located only about 100 meters from Dataran Merdeka, some attendants chose to shop at Central Market and Kasturi Walk. The couple returned to the guesthouse right away, preparing themselves for tonight exploring Chinatown and celebrating Christmas Eve abroad for the first time ever. After eating the famous Portuguese grilled fish for dinner, we attended a Christmas Eve Service. However, we firstly went to the wrong church with all Chinese speakers so we didn't know a word. Finally we came to the right church though the service was almost over. At least, we didn't miss the best part: The Candlelight!

Chinatown when dark
The couple was celebrating Christmas Eve abroad!
Yet that night was not the end of our tour. The next day we still visited one more place before going to the airport by KLIA Transit. It was Terminal Bersepadu Selatan! Everybody was fascinated by the airport-like bus terminal as much as the couple were when their first visit. However we did not have much time there due to the flight schedule. Some of us went to KLIA while the rest went to LCCT. But all alighted at Salak Tinggi Station for cheaper price. Here is the trick how to get much cheaper price when going to KLIA. Look at the table below to understand about the fare.

So if you take KLIA Transit from KL Sentral it's RM 35 and from Bandar Tasek Selatan (integrated with Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) it's RM 26,5. However if we buy a ticket to Salak Tinggi first (RM 12,5 from KL Sentral and RM 8,30 from Bandar Tasek Selatan) then when arriving Salak Tinggi, get out the station and buy another ticket to KLIA which only cost RM 3.2, the total fare will be only RM 15,8 from KL Sentral and RM 11,5 from Bandar Tasek Selatan. Much cheaper this way, isn't it?

Meanwhile, there's no train service to LCCT but a complimentary bus would take us from Salak Tinggi to LCCT. Making sure that those going to KLIA did the procedure that I meant above, I missed the LCCT shuttle bus and had to wait for the next one. Therefore, it was a rush since my flight and Kristin's was the earliest among us. The budget terminal was quite crowded at that time, created the queues longer than usual. Everytime we were in a line (to drop baggage and immigration check) I felt so nervous. After the immigration, we immediately ran to catch our flight back to Jogja and arrived at the boarding gate just ten minutes before it's closed. When the last check, Kristin forgot for a moment where she put her passport. It really made me frustrated. But finally when having ourselves on the airplane seat, we felt very relieved. What a trip.

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