KuaTour (Part 3): Shop, Eat, and Walk

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Looking at the announcement patched on the bus window, I just found out that the green line route had changed. The bus was not going to bring us to Imbi where Berjaya Times Square was located. So in the short time, I decided to get everyone off at Ain Arabia then walked altogether to Imbi. In fact, it was not very far. Berjaya Times Square was really appealing to the couple when coming to KL for the first time. This time, we had a chance to take a look at the Cosmo World, the biggest indoor theme-park in Asia. The roller coaster line seemed to be very long. We gotta wait a great deal to catch pictures of the next train after one ride passing over. The shopping mall was also a right place for shoppaholics. Here shoppers can get trendy clothes with newest Asian style for reasonable price. Kristin, for instance, bought a lovely skirt for only RM 5. The prices of goods were fixed, no haggling here I guess.
Inside Berjaya Times Square
A 'giant hand' at the Cosmo World.
One of the Christmas trees decorating the mall.

Taking a monorail from Imbi to Bukit Bintang may sound stupid because the two places are within the walk distance while the fare is RM 1.3, a little bit too high for such neighboring stations (as the KL Monorail is commonly criticized for). But that's what we did when leaving Berjaya Times Square. The only reason was that the tour attendants could experience this mode of public transportation. That's exactly the difference of KuaTour and the other arranged tours. The monorail can only accommodate few passengers per train, much less compared to LRT and Komuter. It was a rush hour after work, so we took the next train to avoid jostling inside.

The KL Monorail

We're finally back to the place where we started to walk in the beginning of this post. We went toward the other side now, to Ain Arabia. Along the way, we saw the dark side of KL. Some sexy ladies were standing at the shop corridors offering 'special massage'. The prostution seemed legal as they did that very openly and there was a police headquarter nearby. We fastened our pace not only to avoid the special massage temptation but also because it was starting to rain!Entering the Ain Arabia gate, the rain was getting more heavy. We decided to take shelter in a gazebo just in front of the icon of Ain Arabia. Ain Arabia, means 'the eye of Arab', is an area meant for Arabian tourists. I didn't see many of them though, perhaps because it was not summer.

The icon of Ain Arabia.
Our next destination was to Jalan Alor, a popular outdoor hawker food haven. I wondered if we were able to eat there if it's still raining. Luckily, the sky above seemed to hear my heart's voice. Soon the rain stopped and we could resume our walk through Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang. Along the way, we refilled our empty bottles at an automatic machine for few cents. We also saw many guesthouses and hotels around. Beside Chinatown, this area is a very popular place for travelers to stay. Because the sky was still bright, I brought the tour attendants walking around a bit more before having dinner in Jalan Alor. Jalan Alor would be more beautiful after dark. I personally enjoyed being there very much with all the crowds and lamp streets. The food was good and cheap too. After an impressive dinner at Jalan Alor, we walked back to Bukit Bintang monorail station area through another street. When all lights turned on, the area now looked pretty different. Bukit Bintang at night was really charming indeed!
We risked eating outdoor at Jalan Alor, hoping the rain did not drop again.
Here is the recommended place to eat in Jalan Alor. Good food and reasonable price.
Bukit Bintang at night.
Along the day we had traveled around KL, now we were so tired but satisfied as well. It's time to return to our guesthouse in Chinatown by taking GoKL bus near the Ain Arabia gate. The bus dropped us in its last stop at Pasar Seni, so we had to walk a little through Kasturi Walk which was the last place we visited today but not less attractive than any other places.

The couple posed at Kasturi Walk at the end of today's tour.

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