KuaTour (Part 2): To the Heart of KL

The spring outside Pavilion is a very popular spot to take pictures (left).
The main entrance to Pavilion (right)
The purple line of GoKL Bus would not bring us to the Petronas Twin Towers, the green would do. When the bus reached Bukit Bintang area, we got off. Instead of switching to the green line, we went into Pavilion, one of the most popular shopping mall located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Tokyo Street on the top floor was what we aimed to visit. The area offered thick Japanese atmosphere, allowing travelers like us (who have not got enough money yet to go to Japan) feel the J-culture sensation.

Tokyo Street was not the only Pavilion has got though. The awesome decoration of Christmas along the corridors brought us till the main entrance of the mall. Having taken enough pictures, we returned to the back part of the mall where we came in. There was an elevated walkway to KLCC where Petronas Twin Towers stood. The walkway, sometimes called Bukit Bintang-KLCC Skybridge, is a 562m long and 5m wide indoor space that links the busy areas in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to Pavilion at Bukit Bintang.

The girls posed in front of the Tokyo Street.
Inside the Tokyo Street area.
'Mochi Sweets' was only one of the many stores in Tokyo Streets offering Japanese cuisines.
Starhill Gallery with its unique post-modern architecture is just across Pavilion.
Walking through the air-conditioned skybridge is really convenient and efficient.
Petronas Twin Towers is still undeniably to be the main tourism icon as well as number one attraction in KL. More importantly, it symbolizes the rapid-growth economy of the country. First-time visitors would most likely take some pictures with the twin towers in the background. And the best place to do so is in KLCC Park. Here the Kuatour participants, realizing that they were now really at Malaysia,  enthusiastically took pictures with various poses regardless the vicious tropical sun heat at the noon. The couple had done that at the first time visit, but they still took some more --now from a different angle-- before hiding themselves from the sun in the trees shade.

Trees were covering many parts of the park indeed. Besides, there was a public swimming pool to get chilled nicely located at the center of the park. Some people, adults and children, looked enjoying the swimming pool very much. None of us went swimming though. In this park, we did not forget to do one important thing; using the free tap drinking water facility to keep hydrating. Finally, we came into Suria Mall, a shopping mall located right on ground floor of the 88-storey Petronas Twin towers, to enjoy the mall's air-con breeze and refill our stomach.

The next destination was Berjaya Times Square. To get there, it should have been very simple by riding a GoKL bus of the green line which was easily found in front of Petronas Twin Towers area. But then when we were on the bus, I just realized one thing. This could be a problem... 

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