Bittersweet to Lawena

Lawena Beach
There is a traditional belief saying that bad things would happen to you in days before birthday. Believe it or not, I was really out of my luck when escaping to Lawena Beach on the day just before my birthday. The trip was not supposed to be so tough as to get Lawena Beach is fairly simple. By motorcycle or any private vehicles, we just need to follow the main road from Ambon northward. At the second Passo's T-junction, turn right. Follow the asphalt pavement for about 10 km. The entrance to Lawena Beach would be on the left side (see the two maps below for better explanation). This was not the first time I came to the beach, somehow I missed the entrance and went forward to the next village where one of my scooter's tires burst. On the way home, the tire, which had been patched, burst once again in the middle of nowhere. What a day...!

The main entrance was sealed off.
The outer area of Lawena Beach
Laying down here this way this time would not make your skin tanned
This is the place I was talking about. It's right behind the 'crocodile'.
Locate the position when I took this picture.
Hey, the water's still shallow from there!
The view from the secret private beach.
Face-Shaped Rock seen through clear sea water.
Staying here overnight, anyone?
The top of the iconic coral could be accessed by people.
The closing attraction
I'm not sure how to get to Lawena Beach using public transport. The most possible way is by taking blue angkot from Ambon to Passo then taking another angkot to Hutumuri. Tell the driver your destination.

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