Lost in Pombo Island

The best spot of Pombo Island, I guess.
Well, you cannot really get lost in Pombo Island. The island only covers an area of less than 4 km square. Although it's inhabited but it's not remoted due its 5 km distance to Ambon Island. It's perfect indeed to find quietness on this island. Unfortunately when we came, there were some groups of people also visiting the island. It was Idul Adha holiday after all. Due to the crowds, two or three policemen came to patrol the area.

It's not the main port of Tulehu. Here where we took the boat to Pombo Island.
Pombo Island from afar. It takes 20 minutes to get there from Tulehu.
There were 19 of us plus two people operating the boat.
The speedboat driver and his son (co-driver).
The couple were ready to explore the tiny island.
We could not find any buildings nor even a sign board. There was no cleaning service as well. Sadly, no one cares about the cleanliness of this island so it has got a large amounts of rubbish. Need awareness from the visitors to dispose trash after arriving back onto the main land, not while they are here.
We were crossing the sea!
Coral across the main land where we saw many pombo birds earlier.
The island has got some trees forming a 'mini forest' as a place to cover one's self when the sunheat is getting ferocious.
Swimming on the side where the boats landed is not a good idea.
Find another side of the island for a better quality of sea water!
Contrast to our basecamp, the other side of the island was very windy.
The word 'pombo' literally means pigeon. That's why many people misunderstand the birds seen on the island as pigeons. Actually they are pombo birds, special species only found in Moluccas islands. We saw some across the sea but they had escaped already when we got near. We could walk through the shallow water. Few hours later, the land totally changed. It was not connected to the other two small islands when we first landed. But now we could walk there through dried land. Wear sandals to avoid your legs getting hurt by the sharp corals. I left mine at the base camp, instead I used a 'bakiak' (wooden clog) found on the way. It was where we found so many feathers left by the pombo birds.

Our basecamp
The dark side of tourism in inhabited island.
The only fruit we found on the island. It doesn't look edible.
New areas opened when the low tide.
Walking by 'bakiak' (wooden clog)
White due to birds' feathers
What's left
We were lucky enough to go in a group of 19 people so our trip to Pombo only cost IDR 50,000/person (including lunch). Renting a speedboat for 20 people carriage was IDR 750,000/return trip. There are also smaller boats carrying less people. They cost cheaper for sure. You can contact the speedboat driver and deal about the price: +6282197522378 (Hans).

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