Namalatu at a Glance

Please look at the two pictures above!
It's normal if you think those were two different places. But actually they were spread in one coast called Namalatu. It is a beach with perfect combination of coral and sand where theoretically allow us to see both the sunrise and the sunset. We still went there though the sky was so cloudy. Located within a 30 minute drive south of Ambon, Namalatu is one of few beaches on the island connected by public transportation. The beach has many facilities like baileo (a traditional hall to hold any group activities), gazebo (where you can sit and enjoy the sea view) and a giant aquarium (but sadly much neglected).

The main road connecting to southern places on Ambon Island like Namalatu Beach used to be okay. But the continuous heavy rain had made it into something like this.
Namalatu Beach has something like a pier with the coconut plantations as the background.
Beside coconuts, there are many other plantations at the beach like sukun and this unidentified tree.
Kristin was excited when playing on the slide provided at the beach.
I was enjoying playing at this beach. Though the wave was big but due to its location, everyone could still play safe.

The perfect spot to see both the sunrise and the sunset is at the very end of this beach.
The sea water was giving the pier a blow.
A model of 'baileo' at Namalatu Beach.
Kristin was sitting at the mini-theatre seats in front of another 'baileo'.

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