When the Sun Goes Up and Down in Bali


Sunrise is a-must-see attraction when having vacation in Bali. Therefore, today we left the hotel in the early morning to go to Sanur Beach, one of the best places to see sunrise on the island. Firstly, we had to walk quite far along Legian and Patih Jelantik Street to reach the Central Parking. Here we finally found a Trans Sarbagita shelter. Trans Sarbagita was a relatively new public transportation in Bali we counted on during this trip. The bus service was affordable and comfortable (please click here for more information about the bus). Waiting at the bus stop for about half an hour, a bus finally showed up. But it was heading to Nusa Dua instead of Sanur. So we had to keep waiting for another bus which eventually came in few minutes later.

At first I was afraid we would not make it. But luckily, we arrived at Sanur Beach on time. Our sacrifices to get here were not in vain. The sunrise at Sanur (also called Matahari Terbit/Sunrise) was so fascinating. Our eyes were spontaneously stuck on the rising sun till it disappeared into the cloud. How could we always miss seeing sunrise before? Doesn't it occur everyday and everywhere in the world? Perhaps we simply do not have a right place and right time to see this everyday. Nature has its own way to stun people indeed. Even once we left our things away without any supervision. A passing-by local kindly warned us that stealing happens a lot at such touristy area. Visitors should be extra careful of their belongings.
Waiting for the Trans Sarbagita Bus at dawn
Sanur Beach when sunrise is excellent to take such a dramatic picture
Sunday morning at Sanur, many locals carried out various activities such as meditating as shown on the picture above. Some others jogged, biked, or merely hanged out around here.
Food Vendors are easily found along the beach.
Few boats enrich the sea view. From Sanur, we can take boats to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Gili, and Lombok.
Many domestic tourists visited the beach at that time.

We took a sit and relaxed a little while enjoying the morning beach view.
Walking back to the Trans Sarbagita bus stop, now we took the bus to Nusa Dua. The bus stopped just in front of Pasifika Museum. The museum hosts an extensive collection of artworks from all over the Asian Pacific region. To see the collections, a domestic visitor needs to pay IDR 70,000. We did not come in because it was too expensive for us. We could still enjoy some free displays in the front room though.

Even before we knew about the museum's ticket price, we were not sure to find cheap lunch in Nusa Dua area because everything there looked so luxurious. But then near the beach, there was a raw of stalls offering simple meals. We had one of the local food called Nasi Jinggo. Nasi Jinggo or Nasi Jenggo is a combination of rice, fried noodle, sambal, serundeng, and shredded chicken wrapped by banana leaf, usually served in a small portion. It cost IDR 7,000 each, a quite reasonable price for such touristy place.

Nusa Dua Beach was stunning for its 'double beach' where we could see two shores in opposite direction. We walked quite far along the beach to find a place we aimed for called Water Blow. Instead, all we had got were extravagant resorts whose guests were entirely foreign tourists. We wondered how much the price to stay one night there... Well, later we recognized that we were in a wrong direction. We should have turned right instead of left. So we walked all the way back to the food stalls and stopped a while to recover ourselves from the fatigue. Here we ordered two raw coconuts to deal with the thirst. The coconuts were quite expensive, perhaps because this time we did not ask for the price first when ordering. In this short break, we also had a rare chance to feed squirrels living on the trees.

The elite-looking Nusa Dua area.
A model of 'Barong' was displayed in Pasifika Museum's front hall.
A what-so-called nasi jinggo.
Nusa Dua Beach
Hike to the hilly part near the beach and find a secret place to enjoy the sea view by yourself!
A group of domestic visitors at Nusa Dua Beach.
In Nusa Dua, we could find some very expensive resort targeting high-budget foreign tourists.
Many Indonesians desperately wish to get white.
I wonder why white people like to get tanned....
Walkway across the Nusa Dua deluxe resorts. Plenty of trees here would resist the sun heat even at noon.
While having a break, I got a chance to feed a cute squirrel.
Many squirrels could be found living on the trees here.
Rather than a beach, Water Blow is more precisely a rocky end which was once dangerous but then fenced and smartly changed into a tourist attraction. The most interesting thing from this place is the blowing sea water to the rocks. Sometimes it would be a big one, so be ready to get wet! This unique place is really worth a visit.
The entrance gate to Water Blow
The visitors were waiting for the blow.
It finally blew on me!
An extremely impressive view but dangerous as well.
Don't ever think to get down there!
The statue of Rama and Lakmana stands as a landmark
that would guide you to Water Blow.
Back to Central Parking by Trans Sarbagita bus, we then took a cab to the Ground Zero Monument. Here lies the tragedy of Bali bombings. The monument was built in order to commemorate the 202 victims of Bali bomb blasts in 2002. The victims were 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 27 Britons, 7 Americans and 6 Swedish citizens. In 2005, Bali were terrorized by some other bombings which claimed the lives of 20 people and injured more than 100 others. Despite these bombings, Bali survives and still becomes the most popular destination in Indonesia for both domestic and international tourists.

In front of the Ground Zero Monument
The monument lists all names of bomb blasts victims.
Typical traffic on alleys in Kuta, Bali.
Komotra, a transportation connecting Central Parking and Kuta Beach,
is infamous for its inconvenience as most of the time over-loaded with passengers.
Due to the circumstance, we did not take it this time.
Going back to the hotel, we did want to miss the sunset this time. Therefore, soon after taking a shower, we walked along the Poppies Lane II to get to Kuta Beach. It was cloudy however, so it was not a perfect sunset we watched. Kuta Beach was still worth to enjoy somehow. There were so many people flooded the Beach, swimming, playing mini soccer, or just hanging out like us. As the beach got big rolling wave, some of them were also surfing. Kuta Beach has been notable since 1970s as the #1 must-visit place in Bali.

After dark, we walked back through the Poppies Lane II. We came by a shopping mall named Beachwalk. This prestigious retail has a concept of eco-friendly building and uses an outdoor combination such as an open-air walkway, which is cooled by natural sea breezes thereby reducing the need for air-conditioning. It offers daily live traditional dance performance which anyone may enjoy for free. We did not know about the performance till when we were about to leave, a group of people dressed in traditional outfits suddenly appeared from the lower ground, walking toward somewhere accompanied by some percussion rhythm. We were so curious and went after them. It brought us to a performance stage. What an effective way to attract mall visitors! The Balinese dances performed were Pendet, Topeng Tua, Baris, Cendrawasih, and Joged Bumbung. Sometimes the performers invited some spectators to dance together just like when a female dancer picked Kristin to dance on the stage with her. Hm... It wasn't me, luckily!

Crowds at Kuta Beach
A man crossed the beach carrying his surfing board. Kuta Beach is a suitable place to do surfing.
The sunset at Kuta Beach
Beachwalk shopping mal with its eco-friendly concept
The main stage in Beachwalk hosts various modern performances to entertain the visitors.
A visitor was capturing photos of a performing dancer.
Traditional musics to accompany the traditional dances
Kristin was showing his dancing skill off when invited onto the stage.
The performers
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