The Island of Gods' Capital City

SARBAGITA TOUR (part 3 - end)

Contrary to the last day (click here to read), we now began our journey quite late coz we did not want to miss the hotel's swimming pool and the free breakfast again. This time we walked through another way to Central Parking  through Jalan Mataram and Jalan Majapahit. It took less time than the previous one. The environment was also less touristy than Jalan Legian and Patih Jelantik. From Central Parking, we hopped on Trans Sarbagita Bus to get to Batubulan, the northern terminus of corridor 2 line.

Batubulan is a cultural village, well-known for its sculpture. There are also some stages to watch traditional dance spread in this village but our arrival time did not match the performance schedule. So the only things we did here were to buy some souvenirs and taste the local food like sate lilit and lawar. All were within just few meters distant from Batubulan Terminal. The food price was inexpensive as the place where we dined at was not intended for tourists. As a note, Muslim travelers must be careful to choose where to eat. Bali is one of few non-Muslim majority regions in Indonesia where pork is widely consumed.

Cozy Swimming Pool. It's too much for a budget hotel, I guess.
On the way to Batubulan, we saw pigs were being carried on a truck.
Balinese does not eat beef but th
ey eat pork a lot.
Sate Lilit and Lawar (non-halal)
Batubulan Terminal is where you can take public transportation to northern places like Ubud and Sukowati
We bought some Bali things at a souvenir shop with a quite reasonable price.
Next we headed to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Province. From Batubulan, we had to transit at Pesanggaran stop and then took a smaller Sarbagita bus of another line. The final stop was near to Ngurah Rai Stadium. It was raining heavily soon after we stepped out the bus. So without thinking too much, we entered an angkot-like public transport nearby which was actually the bus feeder. Inside, the driver was sleeping so we did not know when it started to move. But we did not have any other choice unless we wanted to get wet outside the car. At this point, we two were the only passengers, but on the way some passengers hopped in and off the feeder. We got off at Bajra Sandhi.

Bajra Sandhi is a monument to commemorate the heroes' struggle against the Dutch in colonial era. The monument and its park claim an area of 14 hectares just in front of Bali Governor's Office. The complex is sometimes called Puputan Park (different from Puputan Square). This grey stone monument  has a simbolic design of Indonesian independence day; August 17th 1945. The building has 8 entrances, 17 corners and precisely 45 metres height.
Bajra Sandhi
There is a diorama upstairs. The narrative is written in three languages; English, Bahasa Indonesia and Old Balinese.
Tap drinking water is available in Puputan Park.
It would be very difficult to find another of this kind in Indonesia.
Angkutan Pengumpan Trans Sarbagita is a bus feeder in form of an angkot.
It is totally FREE of charge.
Taking another bus feeder, we then headed to the center of Denpasar where Catur Mukha, Puputan Square, and Pura Agung Jagatnata are located. Unfortunately the sun was getting lower and we had to catch a bus to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) to watch the free Kecak Dance performance. While waiting for the bus, we looked around to the surroundings and captured some interesting things.

Catur Mukha, a statue with four faces. This is one of the most important landmarks in Denpasar.
Enjoy local snacks while you're in Puputan Square!
Puputan Monument at Puputan Square.
Puputan is suicidal fight to the death the Balinese launched in the struggle against the Dutch colonial.
The puputan warriors used to wear white clothes as described by the monument.

Pura Agung Jagatnatha. To enter the main temple of Denpasar, one needs to wear Balinese sarong.

A church in Denpasar
Like other Indonesian provincial capitals, Denpasar was crowded by bustling motorbikes.
Traditional ceremonies like we saw when in Denpasar still happens a lot in Bali.
Unluckily, it was then raining heavily and flooded some parts of the road. Our bus was trapped in a traffic congestion. So we did not make it on time to GWK. The Kecak Dance had ended and everyone was leaving the place. Only darkness we found there. This one was really disappointing coz in the early morning next day we would fly out of Bali. That means we should come to Bali again another time.
Heavy rain had ruined our plan to watch Kecak Dance at GWK
The traditional performance theater in GWK
Before returning to the hotel, we came by Mal Galeria Bali,
another shopping mall with an indoor-outdoor combination.

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