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At the end of our one-week teachers training in UPH Tangerang, we went to Jakarta. We visited three shopping malls in Senayan area, South Jakarta. The Lippo Village external bus we took brought us right to the entrance of the first one.

FX Sudirman
Reopened in 2008, FX Sudirman is a relatively new mall with a unique concept of screaming good fun. The most iconic attraction inside is a transparent cylindrical slide called 'ATMOSTFEAR'. It is claimed as the first indoor slider in Asia. The slide is 72 meters long and 28.25 meters high (from the 7th floor to the 3rd). One would slide at a speed of 25 km per hour so it only takes 12 seconds to reach the end. Sounds to be a suitable attraction to escape from a stressful life in big cities like Jakarta, isn't it? It is quite expensive to slide though.

These are the ATMOSTFEAR packages:
REGULAR: Rp 100,000 (Mon-Fri), Rp 150,000 (Sat-Sun & Public Holidays)
STUDENT: Buy one get one FREE by showing student card
FAMILY Package (4 pax): Rp 300,000 (Mon-Fri), Rp 450,000 (Sat-Sun & Public Holidays)
note: All packages include certificate and photograph

The ATMOSTFEAR at FX Sudirman.
The attraction opens at 12.00-22.00.
We did not slide because we came there too early.

Plaza Senayan
The next mall we visited is within walking distance from FX. It is sometimes very hot to do so when the sun is beating down. Plaza Senayan, often called 'PS', was opened in 1996 as an upscale shopping mall. The three-storey shopping mall is very popular among youngsters and expatriates due its excellent facilities and proximity to the city center. PS has a large musical clock that opens every hour called the Marygold Clock, the first of its kind in Jakarta. Plaza Senayan is also home to the nation's second largest foreign bookstore, Books Kinokuniya. We did not do much however coz we came there only to visit Garuda Indonesia office which was actually located in a mall of its opposite, Senayan City.
The sidewalk to PS was inconvenient due to some constructions.
At several points, we had to walk through a narrow path like this.
Senayan City
Senayan City (familiarly known as Sen C) is a land area of 48,000 m² including an office tower mainly occupied by private television station SCTV. The shopping mall, opened in 23 June 2006, has seven floors anchored by foreign outlets like Debenhams and Best Denki, GAP and Banana Republic. We saw many other luxury outlets whose products could be only bought by middle-upper class people. Based on our observation, the security at the entrance gate was very tight just like in the airports.
Bundaran Senayan.
We sat on a bench under trees to enjoy the city view around the landmark.
For us the three malls were worth an eye-shopping but buying things there was a waste. So then we took Transjakarta Bus (Tj) to Blok M for a budget shopping. Blok M is a business and shopping quarter where the prices of goods are often low due to the inexpensive property renting costs for vendors. It becomes one of the citizens shopping center favorites because of the ease accessibility, considering it contains one of the main bus stations in Jakarta which also takes role as the southern terminus of Tj first corridor. The complex includes Blok M Square, Blok M Plaza and Pasaraya Grande. Sometimes it's so confusing because still there are other shopping malls nearby with similar names. Unfortunately the place lacking in direction boards. We bought travel bag with half of the normal market price. We also bought belts, shirts, comics and novels. Avoid buying things in the area you first arrive. The vendors there usually sell things more expensively.
A TransJakarta shelter looks vacant.
It is usually congested by many citizens during the rush hour.
After shopping, we took Tj again to leave Blok M. Transjakarta or Tj is currently the most popular means of transport in Jakarta. The bus rapid transit runs in special lane restricted to other vehicles but there are many violations in practice. The bus is physically better than public buses in general and totally free from beggars, merchants and street musicians. However, long queues are frequently happened in some shelters during the rush hour. To reach our destination, Manggarai, we had to get off at Dukuh Atas and took another Tj bus. It was where we waited long for a bus. Three buses passed the shelter without stopping and we did not have any idea why.

The Tj shelter of Manggarai was not well-connected to the train station with the same name. We got to walk along the streets without any sidewalk and sign boards to the station and took another popular public transportation in Jakarta, the Commuter Train. As you can see at the integrated map below, it serves route within Jakarta and from/to its satellites like Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Integrated Jabodetabek Commuter Train System Map
Recently the government increased the quality and the service of the train like applying the usage of electronic tickets. The train service is now subsidized so the ticket becomes even cheaper than before. The economy class train service, infamous for its pickpockets, was terminated. The government also successfully cleared the stations from unofficial vendors. The improvement, however, was not followed by the mentality upgrade of the people. When getting in and out the trains, for instance, everybody wants to be the first one, resulting in chaos. Priority seats are available but most people just don't care about it. It would certainly take much time to change the people. I'm just hoping that I'll be still alive when Indonesians make it.
Inside the commuter train.
Crowds of people were pushing around when passing through the exit gate at the train station.

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