Allang After the Heavy Downpour

The red circle on the map shows the location of Allang Village. Click on the picture to enlarge.
Our Idul Fitri school break was within the rainy season. We cancelled our plan of going out  the island for safety reason. Instead, we traveled westward the island where there are many good unspoiled places. One of the places we often heard of is Pasir Putih Beach in Allang Village. To reach Allang from the airport, first we had to pass some other villages like Hatu and Liliboi. Allang has much more habitants than the others. Some of the points in this village we went through were covered with thick mud due to the sustainable downpour lately. We were too obsessed when back to fine road till we missed by our destination. Fortunately, on the road to Wakasihu we eventually asked the people we met and found out the location of the beach.

The Entrance Gate of Allang Village
Some Allang villagers were cleaning the mud away.
The road to Pasir Putih Beach like in the middle of nowhere
Entering Pasir Putih Beach, we were not charged a cent. At that time, we were the only visitors beside few local boys who were playing around cheerfully. Apparently, the rain had turned the beach not so beautiful as it should be. The sand became darker and water looked unclear. We sat on one of many seats provided  at the beach while looking at the big wave rolls. That's the safety reason we meant at the beginning of this article. Deadly sea accidents are common to occur in these times. Well, as we were so hungry, we soon left Pasir Putih Beach and its unrevealed beauty.

The entrance to Pasir Putih Beach was blocked by a crossbar.
Sitting on the swing is as  one of the best way to enjoy Pasir Putih Beach.
Visitors may stay overnight in the hut located right at the beach if they want to.

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