Hi Kuta, How Are you?


This is the story of our journey to the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia; BALI. Going there for vacation seems to be everyone's dream. But since it has become so touristic, some people (especially from far away islands like Ambon) cannot afford to go there. In fact, we got there without spending too much money. Only for less than IDR 100,000 (USD 10), we could fly to Bali from Ambon! For your information, there's no direct flight between the two places. So, how come did we do that?

Thanks to the annual teachers training in Jakarta that let the school facilitated us with IDR 2,800,000/person for return tickets to Jakarta. We managed to take the cheapest flights from Ambon to Makassar to Denpasar to Jogjakarta to Jakarta and back to Ambon. That's how we dropped in Bali. Within Bali, we did not spend so much money either. We got a nice hotel in Kuta for IDR 72,500 per person/night with swimming pool, free breakfast, and free internet access. It did not provide airport transfer though. So, arriving I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (which was being expanded), we had to find our own transport to the hotel. Unlike other main Indonesian airports, Bali has no DAMRI bus service. A taxi driver offered us a ride to the hotel for IDR 100,000. Having browsed much about Bali before, I realized that the offer was overpriced. We chose to get in the official ticketing booth line to save IDR 30,000. We could have got even cheaper price if we walked out the airport gate and flagged down a metered taxi.

Welcome to I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali.
It was like we entered an international zone where many foreign tourists spotted.

The flight was on time so we thought still had enough time to enjoy the legendary sunset at Kuta Beach. Sadly, it was after raining and so cloudy. So, we had to keep that plan for the next day. Giving up the sunset, we decided to have a little walk around after taking a shower in the hotel. It brought us through alleys full with people selling things. Here we could see how touristic Kuta was. Foreign tourists were seen everywhere. The only locals we noticed were those who run business.

I was glad for the 'being abroad' sensation, but to get food with affordable price became our problem then. Passing the Kuta Square, we still did not find any suitable place to have dinner. We avoided both touristy cafes and fast food restaurants. Finally, we found a quite hidden place. It was a simple canteen with many different food vendors. I felt so relieved to refill the stomach and rest the legs. But it did not last for long. I was suddenly startled. OMG, I left my purse in the hotel room! How could I be so careless?! Kristin did not bring hers either. The only things we got were a camera and ID cards. Had no choice, we left those precious things as an assurance that we would return soon and pay.

Scooters were passing through this kind of narrow streets, reduces pedestrians' comfort to walk around.
Look at the stressful traffic jam.
In Kuta, it's always better to walk than drive on Saturday Night
At night, the Balinese offerings were scattered on the street just like that.
The local price canteen in the middle of Kuta touristy cafes and restaurants.
I won't tell you where the place exactly is, otherwise it would become touristy like others.
Walking back through the same route, we almost got lost in some locations. Many spots looked very similar. Arrived back at the hotel, I immediately headed to my room and took my DEAREST wallet. My legs had been so tired of walking. It was still a half-way though. We had to get back to the canteen to bail out the camera and ID card. We took a different route now via Kuta Beach. There was a long wall blocking the beach view from the paved walk. It had not been there when I came to Bali for the first time in 2005. Later we came by the beach on our way back to the hotel. Kuta Beach at night was very dark yet still flooded by many visitors. From here, we could also see airplanes flying from and to the airport. Well, we finally paid the food and took the things back. The foodstall owner said it was not necessary for us to do that actually. She then kindly gave exhausted us free drink. People in Bali are well-known for their kindness indeed.

And it was just the beginning of our story in Bali....
see our story on the next day

The welcoming board to Kuta Beach written in two languages; Bahasa Indonesia and Old Balinese.
Our camera was not good enough to capture the exotic Kuta Beach at night.

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha......gokil. so you only stayed in Bali for one night? But how could it be less than IDR 100,000?
    How much did it spend for a taxi from Airport to your hotel?
    how much does your meal cost in that Warung?
    so you say the hotel fare was only IDR 72.500. Tell us more dong :)



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