Another Paradise of Baguala

Baguala Bay is a spot where one could find inns, resorts, and the only five-star hotel on the island. It has been such a magnet for tourists as it also hosts the famous Natsepa Beach. In this journey, instead of exploring Natsepa as the most popular beach in the area, we were about to enjoy this bay from a different side by revealing what it hides from most people. It was Suli Beach, an alternative destination offered by Baguala Bay. Suli Beach is situated few meters away from the main road unlike its neighbor Natsepa whose gate would attract every single person passing the main road.

We came to the beach with two companions. Adam, a Scottish backpacker and Novrits, my best friend in Ambon. At that time, the beach was flooded by visitors but still not as crowded as in Natsepa. Among those people, there were many local boys and girls playing around. A 'bule' visitor seemed to be unusual for them. They insisted to take a photo with Adam, not one by one but altogether. Foreign tourists prefer to visit Natsepa indeed. Perhaps they don't even know about Suli Beach at all. It's a little bit of ironic as Natsepa itself is administratively located in Suli Village.

There is no ticket to enter Suli beach. But it does not mean this place is free of charge. A local would come to you and ask for the entrance fee as normally practiced in Ambonese beaches.

Heading to Suli Beach, we must take a small hidden path away from the main road.
Coconut trees at Suli Beach.
Cloudy sky over the beach.
On Sunday, quite a lot of people come here. 
The beach boys. 

A group of children was enthusiastically taking a picture with Adam.
A fallen tree.
The estuary of this river is at Suli Beach.
A floating house. I wonder if there's someone there....
So if you are about to visit Natsepa and find it too crowded but you still persistently want to feel its white sand sensation or its 'crocodile-like island view', come to Suli Beach!

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