TRANS SARBAGITA, a Glimmering Light of Hope

Bali is very well-known even more than Indonesia itself. Some people would ask where Indonesia is though they had been to Bali before. Being the number one tourist destination in the country, Bali offers not only incredible beauty of its nature but also unique Hindu culture. Bali is visited by almost two millions people from abroad every year. However, if we are talking about the public transportation, Bali is inferior. For instance, there's no airport buses here unlike in other Indonesian cities. Most locals and tourists choose to use private vehicles causing the problem of inconvenient traffics everyday.
Last Updated: January 2015

A new comer, Trans Sarbagita bus has given us new hope for a better public transportation in Bali. The quality of the buses is excellent just like those in Malaysia and Singapore. It only stops at certain points so one cannot hop on and off anywhere they like. The fare is quite cheap, only IDR 3,500 for adults and IDR 2,500 for students. So far, there have been two routes served by Trans Sarbagita, passing many tourist attractions. The idea is great but sadly the local government gives no clear information for public. Some of the bus stops are still nameless. That's why according to Bali Post (Oct 8 2013), after three years of operation, Trans Sarbagita is only able to attract 2,500 passengers per day, or just 30 percent of its real passenger load factor.

Here I'm trying to create a map of Trans Sarbagita routes integrated with interesting places around. It's not perfect yet as my first research was only held within two days during vacation in the middle of 2013 and the second one was when 2015 New Year. You can help by letting me know if there's an additional information or correction. You can also support me to make it more complete. To know how to support, please click here. Let us make this public transportation as the main transportation of people in Bali so there can be better traffic and better life for all.


  1. Thank you for creating the map! I'll check it out next time I'm in Bali :-)

  2. Thank you for you helping all travellers out by created this map. I will go Bali on next week 17th Sept.

  3. There was talk of the Trans-Sarbagita going all the way to the airport this year. Is that already happening? If not, do you know if it's possible (and safe) to walk out from Ngurah Rai airport and find where the Trans-Sarbagita stops? Thank you, any info is appreciated!

  4. I've heard about the sarbagita airport bus as well but still not sure when it would start to operate. It's possible to walk out from the airport to the nearest sarbagita stop but it's not too safe and still quite far.

  5. Will be in Bali tomorrow and will try this out after returning from Lombok. Thanks for the info and updates.

  6. Top work creating this map! No doubt it has helped other people big time in using this bus service. Just wondering if there is any new route(s) available now? Thanks in advance!

    1. So far i don't see any new route. Just keep these two lines alive is a difficult task though.

  7. Hello Dwi Santosa!
    Would know if there is some part of segregated/dedicated lane?

  8. Hi Bruno, unfortunately unlike Transjakarta in the capital city, Trans Sarbagita doesn't have its own lane. So if it uses the same lane with the other vehicles. Anyway, I've updated the map just now. Please check it out!


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