Sunday Morning at Natsepa

Natsepa is the most popular beach in Ambon for the locals, domestic tourists and even international visitors. Crowds of people would occupy this famous beach especially on weekends and holidays. A claim that Natsepa is the number one is proved by the presence of the only five-star hotel on the island, Aston which stands near this beach. Also, no beach has supporting facilities as complete as Natsepa. It successfully drags many locals to do businesses around the beach like selling rujak, renting boats, running restaurants, and many other things.

A calm atmosphere over Natsepa.
A row of 'rujak' vendors.
Fortunately, we went to Natsepa on Sunday morning around seven when many people were joining Sunday Service at churches. It was the best time to enjoy the beach’s fresh air without worrying the sunburn or any glaring sunlight. At the time we arrived, the gate was open but no guard seen so we just entered the parking area. Just a minute we were thinking of entering the beach for free, a man came to us and asked for IDR 10.000 entrance fee. It was actually cheaper than the normal price but I don’t like it personally. Almost all beaches in Ambon have no ticket counters but apply such payment system. Anyway, if you come earlier than that, I think you may get in for free.

Natsepa’s smooth sand is suitable for children to play with like what we did (though we are not children anymore). The landscape is safe to play and swim because it has no steep ground and corals. The beach is located in Baguala Bay. That’s why Natsepa doesn’t have a strong wave like most beaches in Bali. So generally, swimming there is not dangerous. But if you are still not sure, you can rent a swim ring. You can also ride a banana boat with your family or friends. I would love to ride a small sailing boat rented there but I was afraid to get drown, so I just enjoyed walking along the beach while looking at another part of Ambon Island that appeared like a crocodile. I had to keep an eye on my stuff because there was no locker provided. In the hours when many people come, the risk of losing stuff is surely higher. So if you want to enjoy Natsepa Beach out of its crowds, you should go there on Sunday morning.

Playing with the Natsepa's smooth sand
Natsepa also welcomes those who cannot swim
One of the tourist attractions in Natsepa, banana boat, which can bring up to six people.
A giant-crocodile-like view from the beach.

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