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JOURNEY TO THE WEST edition (9 of 10)
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In the morning, the train we took from Butterworth stopped in KL Sentral. It was very nice to be back here as last time we were in KL (24/3), we didn't have a chance to visit this hub. KL Sentral was the first stunning place when we came to Kuala Lumpur for the first time. So now it's kind of nostalgic for us. But we could not waste too much time here as our hosts had been waiting outside to pick us up. Nisha, her fiancee Lymun and her mom collected us into their car and kindly invited us to a 'welcoming breakfast' at an area called Brickfields.

Brickfields is known as KL's Little India due to the dominant Indian influence here. So here we could easily find Indian cuisines like roti canai and teh tarik. Many kinds of roti canai were available there, I chose the spicy one. Unfortunately, they did not have teh tarik three layers like in Penang. After the breakfast, our hosts brought us to traditional shops where we saw some strange vegetables and fruits. Some looked bigger than in Indonesia.

To Brickfields with our hosts
Friendship in Diverse.
Left to right: Me, Kristin, Nisha, and Lymun.
Half-traditional Market. It was very clean.
After having a little break in Nisha's house, we were ready to explore KL again. We walked to a mall nearby named One Utama. It was said to be the 4th largest shopping mall in the world. One Utama was so vast indeed that we did not have enough time to explore the whole of it. If one wants to do that, no need to worry for being dehydrated. You can easily buy mineral water in a shopping mall for sure, but even if you don't want to spend extra money, you can drink from a drinking tap (like in Singapore). The most interesting we found there was the tropical forest. Enjoying the nature inside a building is awesome, isn't it? There was also a "Secret Garden" on the top floor where we saw various of plants. Kristin loves this place so much. She took many pictures of herself with the lovely flowers. Being in this place, one might forget that he/she is actually in a mall.

Tropical Forest inside a mall
Enjoying the Indoor Forest
In the Secret Garden
Nisha and Lymun then dropped us at Mid Valley Megamall, another biggest mall in Malaysia and the world. In fact, there are four shopping malls in Malaysia within the top fifteen largest in the world: One Utama (4th), Mid Valley Megamall (8th), Sunway Piramid (9th), and Berjaya Times Square (14th). While the biggest mall in Indonesia, Mal Artha Gading, only gets the 17th place. Anyway, it was Sunday so many people came to this shopping mall. Avoiding the crowds, we soon went out of there. Mid Valley Megamall was connected to a commuter train station. So the access to and from this place was very simple.We took the train to the old railway station. Before KL Sentral was completely built, this station became the main train station in KL. Indonesia also has many old rail stations from the colonial era. But they are poorly maintained so they look dirty and low-classed. Indonesia really has a big problem in preserving something.

Just across the station, we saw an eye-catching building in Moorish-style architecture. It was Ibu Pejabat KTM Berhad. I could not hold out my laugh when I read it coz the words have different meaning in Bahasa Indonesia (ibu is mother, pejabat is official). In this case, ibu means central and pejabat means office. That's why sometimes, we preferred to speak English than Bahasa Malay in order to avoid any unexpected misunderstanding. The Ibu Pejabat was pretty near to Masjid Negara, the biggest mosque in Malaysia and the second in Southeast Asia (#1 is Masjid Istiqal in Jakarta!). Near the mosque, there was Islamic Art Museum. Many people recommended this place but instead of going inside but we kept walking on the hilly road entering the Lake Garden area. We passed through some places like Memorial Tun Abdul Razak (closed) and KL Bird Park (too expensive) but we did not find the lake as expected. Most maps of Lake Garden are confusing as they do not include the area's ground level. It is quite tiring to explore the Lake Garden by foot. Taking taxi is recommended.

Back to the old railway station, we then crossed to Pasar Seni LRT station as the two stations were connected. Near the LRT station, there were many Go KL Free Bus halting. We hopped on the bus to go around the town central district for free. I also got an internet connection inside. This bus is our favorite transportation. We hop off at Pavilion, another mall but this time it's known not for its size but for its luxury. We didn't go inside the mall coz we realized we wouldn't be able to buy a thing. We walked to Berjaya Times Square and we had dinner across. Berjaya Times Square was another KL thing we love so much. First time we went to KL, we spent much time there and still felt not enough. We did not go into the mall because we did not want to return late to Damansara, where we stayed with our hosts. We promised to shop there again next time. Beside the mall, we took another Go KL bus and enjoyed the wonderful night view of the capital city. Well, KL is still the best among the places we had visited before due to its convenient transportation and fabulous attractions.

Kuala Lumpur Old Railway Station
Ibu Pejabat KTM Berhad
Masjid Negara
The Twin Towers at Night


  1. i love reading your traveling blog.
    your English is improved so well, buddy.
    envy you a little, but i still love you. *hug* haha!!
    i'd love to go with you someday sometimes in the future.
    keep traveling, keep writing, and keep going!


  2. hi dwi .. i think your traveling blog is very good and cool >.<
    i can learn about indonesian because of you
    so thankyou ...
    stay cool dwi :D



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