Ambon's Angkot System Map

Transportation is one of the most important things in traveling and Angkutan Kota (Angkot) is the main option of transportation in most Indonesian cities. Yet it seems to me that the government does not pay too much attention to angkots. No strict regulation issued to make it more comfortable for the passengers and many people don't know the routes as government does not provide enough information. It often makes confusion especially for travelers or people who visit the place for the first time.

In Ambon, most angkots are in green color.
Though some people say angkots in Ambon is more comfortable for passengers but basically it's nothing different from other places. Always taking private cars, the local government never use this kind of transportation for sure. That's why they got no idea what to do with it. Here I created by my own (and will be updated periodically), a map of Ambon's Angkot System. It's far from perfect but I hope it can help to inform tourists or even Amboneses how to get to places they want to go. I also hope the local government will see this and feel embarrassed as amateurs like me could make one. I'm sure they have a capability to make much better maps but they just don't want to. For your information, angkots in Ambon apply a flat fare (IDR 3,000 per July 2013) for one trip per passenger. No official information about the operational hours, but I think it's 06.00-22.00. On Sunday, less angkots would operate.

Last updated: May 7th

(1) click on the picture and download it to see in much larger scale.
(2) even it is printed with black/white ink only, still you would be able to see the line color difference.

1. Gong Perdamaian/World's Peace Gong
2. Taman Kota Pattimura/Pattimura Park
3. Benteng Victoria/Victoria Fort
4. Kantor PELNI/PELNI office
Visit the official site here.
5. Gereja Maranatha/Maranatha Church
6. Kantor Pos Pusat/Central Post Office
7. Katedral Ambon/Cathedral of Ambon
8. Ambon Plaza/Amplaz
9. Pelabuhan Yos Sudarso/Yos Sudarso Port
10. Masjid Al-Fatah/Al-Fatah Mosque
11. Tugu Trikora/Trikora Monument
12. Toko Buku Dian Pertiwi/Dian Pertiwi Bookstore
13. Universitas Pattimura/University of Pattimura
14. Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC
15. Dinas Informasi dan Komunikasi/Info Tech Dept.
16. Pusat Oleh-oleh Petak 10/Petak 10 Souvenirs Shop
17. Gereja Rehoboth/Rehoboth Church
18. Kantor Imigrasi/Immigration Office
19. Gereja St. Maria Bintang Laut/St. Maria BL Church
20. Sisi Teluk Tapal Kuda/Tapal Kuda Bayside
21. Batu Capeo/Capeo Stone
22. Museum Siwalima/Siwalima Museum
23. Pura Giwa Stanagiri/Giwa Stanagiri Hindu Temple
Click here to know more about Museum Siwalima and Pura Giwa Stanagiri.

From World's Peace Gong, there is also a bus called Trans Amboina, serving two routes to Hatiwe Besar and Suli. It would sometimes take passengers to airport based on request.

From Mardika Terminal, you can find your way to many destinations in the island such as:
-Natsepa Beach (take Liang, Tulehu, Suli),click here to know more about this place.
-Liang Beach (take Liang), click here to know more about this place.
-Waipirit Ferry Port (take Liang), click here to know more about this place.
-Tulehu Port (take Tulehu). Boats to Saparua Island are available here daily at 09.00 and 16.00.
-Galala Ferry Port (take Galala, Liang, Tulehu, Suli, and many others with northern route)
-Santai Beach (take Latuhalat then walk for about 5 minutes), click here to know more about this place.
-Namalatu Beach (take Latuhalat)
-Pattimura Airport (take Laha)

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