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"A picture is worth a thousand words". So instead of writing down 7,000 words on this post to describe more about Hat Yai and Thailand it's better for me to put seven pictures then give few necessary words below them. (Maybe you can try this by submitting two pictures only when your lecturer asks you to do a 2,000 word paper :D ). Well, on the day we were about to leave Thailand for Penang, we walked around Hat Yai a little bit more and collected some pictures which are likely representative enough for describing Thailand in general. We had to admit that our country was still left behind Thailand at some points. Here are the photos:

There are many kinds of automatic machines can be found on Thailand's streets. One of them is the Automatic Water Refill. This thing became a new thing for us, so we asked help from a man nearby to operate it. With only 1 Bath (IDR 300), we got about 1 litter drinking water; very cheap compared to buying a new sealed mineral water bottle. However, these things would not work if there's one in Indonesia as Indonesians are the best people to sabotage and cheat things. For instance, it is now so difficult (and almost impossible) to find public telephones after people there found a brilliant way to do a free call by using only one coin tied up to a thread so that it can be pulled out again.
The towns in Thailand provide enough space for pedestrians. In Indonesia, the reason why people don't like to walk much is because there are very few comfortable sidewalks to walk on. It's sometimes occupied by illegal merchants. In big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya, motorcycle riders won't hesitate to enter sidewalks to avoid the traffic jam.
The king is respected very much in Thailand. It's very easy to find banners of the king everywhere. It looks to me that Thailand people are willing to do anything and even die for their king. That's why an anti-monarchy movement in Thailand faced great opposition and created a major political tension there (that happens till now).
Outdoor Fitness Center is available in many places in Thailand. I don't think people have to pay to use the facilities. Fitness seems to be so important for them that it got much attention from the government. Even before going to Thailand, I knew that Thai people though have small postures but they are really strong and sporty (like described in Hollywood movie starred by Dwayne Johnson; 'The Rundown').

Thai food tends to be sour. It's no problem for both of us, but many Indonesians that I know (like my auntie who traveled to Thailand before me) does not like Thai food very much. If you don't like sour, eat Thai food when you are really hungry and the taste should be just fine.
Don't miss treated by the Thai Massage when visiting to Thailand. It's good for health and affordable in price. We spent 250 Bath for one person with free wi-fi facility inside the 'clinic'.
The minivan that would take us to Penang picked us up at the guesthouse and so ended our journey in Thailand. The picture shows me and Kristin inside the minivan. We were lucky to have one extra seat in our row (because the minivan seats were not fully occupied) so we got more space. Hope to visit Thailand again someday.

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