A Little Story about the Little Bangkok

JOURNEY TO THE WEST edition (4 of 10)
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Hat Yai has a role as the center of economic activities in lower Southern Thailand yet it is not the capital city of any province. The capital city of the Songkhla Province is an old town also called Songkhla. The couple was about to explore the capital city today. But before going there, we still had a little time to spend in Hat Yai and so we could extend the story about the "Little Bangkok".

Right in front of Lee Garden Plaza many stuffs offered with cheap price
Me at one corner of the town
Hat Yai as a tourist city, simply clarified by having many travel agencies around
We found so many cars of this kind in the town.
It seemed they're advertising something using very loud speaker.
Lottery Numbers are sold along the town street.
This cannot be found in Malaysia nor Indonesia where gambling is illegal.
Filling up stomach before going to Songkhla with Thai 'Roti Canai' plus thick milk.
To find a Buddhist temple in Thailand is as easy as finding a mosque in Indonesia. As the most common religion there is Buddhism (95%). Mahapanya Vidayalai is one of the best temples in Hat Yai to visit. It has a pagoda, a huge Buddha statue, and a fascinating graveyard as you can see on the pictures below.

The pagoda at Mahapanya Vidayalai
Between the two dragons
The Big Buddha Statue upstairs
Looks like an ancient collection of the temple
At first, We didn't recognize the groups of golden statues
in the background was actually a graveyard.
Some people came here to make devotional visit for their relatives.
Filled and empty graves.

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