The Silence of Liang


Looking at the picture above, you may wonder whether the title given for this posting is correct. The picture was taken in 2011 on the last day of Lebaran Holiday. Liang Beach had already been a favorite beach for many Amboneses due to its smooth sand, clear water, and beautiful scenery. But when we went there, there were almost no other visitors than us. The 'rujak' and drinks seller was only seen one. This condition was very different from the picture above and we're grateful for it. Thus, we could play freely and took a lot of pictures at the beach. Moreover, the sky was cloudy so that we did not get heated. Instead the water of this beach was very refreshing.

The water of this beach was very clean and cold enough.

When Santos came to Liang Beach for the first time, he said it was really difficult to find a parking space for the car he took. The big difference of the amount of visitors between national holidays and normal days might become your consideration. If you like crowds, you can come to Liang on national holidays. On the contrary, if you enjoy silence, you would get such a private beach on normal days.

I was sitting while enjoying the beauty of Liang

This spot is an icon of Liang Beach
Liang Beach is located in the north of Ambon Island, close to the ferry cross to Seram Island. To enter to the beach, one has to pay IDR 3,000. There is a public transportation to get to this beach, which is 'angkot' from Mardika Terminal in Ambon City. So, Liang Beach is more accessible compared to the other beautiful beaches like Naku, Hukurila, or Lawena. If you visit Ambon Island, don't miss this one!

Liang Beach has white sand that spread almost 4 km far.

In front of the beach area.

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