The Balinese Ambon

Sometimes people compare Ambon to Bali as both has so many beautiful beaches. It's hard to deny that Bali wins the competition to attract more tourists than Ambon. Each year almost 2,000,000 people from abroad come to Bali, exceeding Ambon which got about 18,000 foreign visitors in 2012. For me there are at least three factors why it happens:

1. Bali does not only offer its beach beauty, but also its unique Hindu culture.
2. Bali is located near to Java Island, the center of Indonesia, while Ambon lies far on the eastern part of the country.
3. Bali bombings are nothing compared to the riots with religion issues in Ambon (from 1999 to about 2004, happens again in 2011 killing one of my teacher friends)

Due to this kind of superiority Bali has, many Ambonese people though has enough beaches in their own homeland still want to visit to Bali badly. It does not cost a little of course. There is no direct flight from Ambon to Denpasar(Bali). If you're now living in Ambon and want to taste a little bit of Bali, maybe you can try to visit this one.

Pura Giwa Stanagiri

Welcoming Statue
Stairs to Nirvana

The temple was built in 1991. Not many people know about this place. It seems if you take some pictures there and tell to your friends that it's in Bali then your friend would believe it's true. Kristin and I found this place accidentally when we visited Siwallima Museum, near south of Ambon city. The temple is right beside the top end of the museum.

The museum has two buildings which are few hundred meters separated on a hilly area.
This one is the main building.

Outside the museum buildings, there's a cannon aimed to the Ambon's Bay
At the museum itself, we found some interesting things to see. In the main building, the museum keeps three whale skeletons founded in 1987 with the length of 9m, 17m, and 19m. Unfortunately, at that time we came there, the main building was under renovation so we could not see the whales. The other building was for ethnography purpose. Here we could see anything related to Maluku culture. It opens every Monday to Friday (08.00-16.00) and Saturday to Sunday  (10.00-16.00). The entrance fee is IDR 3,000 per person, only if you enter the buildings. Oops, I've missed out the title now. So I guess it's time to end this post.

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