Santai Beach; a Beach with Relaxing Effect

Santai Beach
Santai Beach was among the first beaches Kristin and I visited when we're living in Ambon. Due to its location which is relatively near (only about 17 kilometers south of the town), the beach also becomes the most frequent beach on the island we ever visited. Santai Beach represents the typical beauty of Moluccas beaches. It has corals, clear water, wonderful underwater view and blue sky. The most impressive time of our visit there was when we travelled together with Novrits & family and a lovely French couple; Mathieu & Armelle.

Me at Santai Beach

Many people visit Santai Beach during weekends
We can walk to the green and sticky part of Santai Beach.
The ground there is full of seaweed!
Another Side of Santai Beach.
You know what, I am not naturally a beach boy. It was the first time for me to wear a snorkelling equipment. I felt hard to breath with it. Besides it did not help me to see the view underwater coz I could not see clearly with my glasses off (should have put my contact lens on). Kristin did not swim. She just enjoyed the fresh air and took many pictures of mine.

Being popular for people living within Ambon city, Santai Beach has quite a lot of visitors every weekend. It's sometimes easy for us to meet someone we know at the beach. Like at that time, my church friends also came there. We then played mini-soccer together. The girls were only sitting nearby and watched. Kristin kept being a feminim girl sitting near to the field, taking pictures of the game while Armelle played traditional game called 'tok-tok'. Everybody who played soccer called Mathieu as "Beckham". Well, after looking at him carefully, I thought he looked much alike with the famous David Beckham indeed. Anyway, we did feel the relax (Santai) effect after visiting Santai beach. We were on again to go to work for the next day.

My First Experience in Snorkelling with Mathieu

Before the sunset, boys usually play soccer at Santai Beach

Armelle was playing 'tok-tok'

Novrits' daughter looked at us when I took a picture with
my girlfriend and boyfriend (please don't misunderstand this word!)
You wanna feel 'Santai'? Then go to Santai Beach! Hope the "Santai" effect would work to you as well. The entrance fee is only IDR 2,500 per person. Don't wanna swim? You can just sit and gather with friends in a quite private huts provided there. If you do want to see the underwater beauty with appropriate equipment, maybe this can help you:

Blue Rose Divers
Address : Jl. Hati Ari, Santai Beach Latuhalat Ambon Maluku - Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 911 323883
Fax : (+62) 911 323883
Website :

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