From KL to Singapore 'lah'

December 19th
After losing one bag, we were 'slapped' by another problem. Our friend in Singapore suddenly informed that she  wouldn't be able to host us coz she was in Jakarta at the time. I had browsed a lot about KL before leaving Ambon, but almost none about Singapore so we did not have enough information of the places there. Therefore, we had to browse about inns and attractions in Singapore. It was so brief though coz we did not have much time.
Terminal Bersepadu Selatan with arrival/departure screen
Before it got too late, we said good bye to Peter and Jay then going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan/Bandar Tasik Selatan by KLIA Transit. Terminal Bersepadu Selatan was super modern. It was a bus terminal yet looked like an airport with arrival/departure digital information board. It was very well-organized unlike typical bus terminal in Indonesia which is hot and smoky, with unclear directions. Here we didn't need to look for the right bus in an open parking area coz we just needed to buy the ticket in the counter and waited for the bus  at a certain gate. We chose the cheapest way to Singapore by taking a bus to Johor Bahru then another bus to Singapore (for only RM 1). The journey to Johor Bahru would take about 5 hours. So, we decided to have lunch first in the terminal canteen. I had blue rice called "Nasi Kerabu". Let's guess, what made it blue?

No need to walk around and look for the bus. It would come to Gate C3
Nasi Kerabu

The bus we took to Johor Bahru was stopping at a rest area.
Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru was a reminder to our country Indonesia. The terminal looked dirty and felt hot. We even had to pay for the toilet. The buses there also, were probably the worst in Malaysia. Yet it was still better than Indonesian buses. At least, it still had a TV monitor, air-con, and fare box. We didn't expect much from the bus after all. It's only one ringgit and we just needed to get across to Singapore ASAP!

Crossing the Causeway Bridge, we finally entered Singapore! The bus dropped us at Kranji MRT Station. Here we learned something about the difference between MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rapid Transit). MRT runs more slowly than LRT but it can carry more passengers. Well, we straightly took MRT to Marina Bay. When we got there, the sky had been dark already. The city's view was so amazing with many skyscrapers around, glowing in the night. Unluckily, our pocket camera was not good enough to capture the moment at its best.
High Buildings in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and Art Science Museum at the background
In another side, we made a mistake by getting off here. No small lodges nor inns sighted. All things looked so luxury. So tired, we ignored the "Wonder Full: Laser and Water Show" and kept walking around the bay to reach the most famous icon of Singapore, The Merlion. After taking several pictures with it, we continued walking with our travel bag being dragged. Almost getting lost, we finally found City Hall MRT Station. 
Taking a picture with The Merlion.
The area was crowded by many other people doing the same thing.
We headed for Kallang due to the information I got when browsing this morning saying that there were some backpacker guesthouses in that area. We really needed a place to sleep this night after our friend was suddenly not able to host us. In Kallang, however, the first thing we did was to deal with our stomach. A small but nice vegetarian restaurant creatively turned mushrooms into various meat in appearance. It was SGD 5 per person (IDR 40,000). So delicious but expensive too, twice as much as in Ambon. Yet it was not the worst purchase we had in Singapore.

The inn next to the restaurant had a dormitory-style room, but we made it private by paying SGD 60 (IDR 480,000). Imagine guys, that amount of money for such a very basic room! On the official receipt, it was written "sixty dollars only". Maybe it was actually the cheapest price we could get for two-person in private room with free wi-fi facility in Singapore. Well, I think our decision to stay in Singapore for one night only was right. The prices here were all CRAZY!

December 20th
Sunrise at Kallang Riverside Park
All we could do today was to maximize things we had spent much money for. After having a good sleep, I woke up early and browsed. The connection was pretty fast. You guys need to know that Indonesia is a country with the slowest internet connection speed for desktop. So, browsing that fast was really something for me. However, I didn't want to spend all the time for browsing only. We still got few hours before our flight back to Jakarta so we took a walk to Kallang Riverside Park.

Along the way it was wet because these days it rained a lot. That's not a big problem though. Walking around in Singapore, we felt respected fairly. Every time we crossed an intersection, cars slowed down and let us through politely. In Indonesia especially in Ambon, you won't like to be a pedestrian. Instead of letting us cross, the drivers would horn you angrily. And you can easily find some motorcyclists get onto through the sidewalk.

Wet Road after Rain
Back to the lodge, we packed all the things and checked out. The night before the receptionist said to us free breakfast would be provided. But that morning no staff was there. We did not wait for any staff coming as we avoided missing the flight. In fact, our flight was delayed for almost three hours. If we had known it before, we would have taken the free breakfast and traveled around Singapore a bit more. Thanks to Changi Airport for its incredible comforts. The waiting time was not felt that long. :) We're pretty sure to be back here someday to explore more but spend less...

At Changi Airport
Back to Indonesia we were so happy that we would meet our family again soon and could share our first experience traveling abroad. On the other side, however, we were sad because we're like moving backward in civilization. Now I know why most Indonesian people don't want to return to their country when they have a decent job abroad.

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