Baturraden Highlands: The Nearest Escape from Home

Mountain Slamet is the largest but not the highest mountain on Java Island
Baturraden Highlands, located on Mountain Slamet, is thmost famous tourist attraction for locals around Purwokerto, my current hometown. It's even a quite popular destination among people from other cities in Java. If cable cars like in Genting Highlands or Penang Hill were built there, I'm sure Baturraden would attract many more people to come.

Last school year-end holiday, when Kristin came to my hometown for the first time, we went to Baturraden together with my family. We brought food we would eat there from home just like a classic family picnic. After having lunch, we hiked a little bit to Pancuran Telu Hotspring. My Dad and my big brother went into, while the rest three of us waiting outside the gate. On the way there, we still could meet some creatures like squirrels and many interesting tropical plants. Actually we could reach the bigger hotspring of Pancuran Pitu by hiking more stairs for few kilometers if we wanted to.

Going back down, we ate again. If you don't bring food from home, no need to worry. There are many food sellers with reasonable price there. You can find rabbit satay, pecel, and of course the special food from this area; tempe mendoan. Even that time we also found snail as food sold just outside the attraction's gate. You can enjoy the food along with the air which is still so fresh like in a full-AC big hall. I always hate people smoking everywhere in this country. It's so contaminating. Anyway, if you're curious about the legend of Baturraden,  you can buy the book for IDR 5,000.

Kristin in the middle of two Javanese dragons
Together with my family to have lunch in Baturraden
Baturraden's view from a high bridge

So Many Big Rocks There
This is tempe mendoan, special traditional food from Banyumas Regency
It's what called 'pecel'.
Pancuran Pitu Hot Springs is accessible from Baturadden Highlands

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