"The City Door" Pintu Kota

Being one of the most popular icons of Ambon, the unique Pintu Kota Beach 'summoned' us to come there again. It was the third time for me and second time for Kristin when we accompanied a foreign tourist couple, Chadd (U.S.A) and Lenka (Czech Rep) to Pintu Kota. Pintu means 'door' and kota means 'town'. It does not literally mean as the town's door. No ships would land on its coral beach for sure. But you would know why it is called so by the time you see the pictures of it below.

Pintu Kota Beach with its slippery corals
Another picture of Pintu Kota
Kristin, Me, Chadd, and Lenka posed at Pintu Kota

Pintu Kota is located deep south on Ambon Island, between Desa Airlow and Desa Seri. No public transportation serves the route to Pintu Kota. Fortunately, at that time my private students' parents offered all of us a ride with a nice personal car so we had something like a big family recreation. They were total ten of us. As we're getting near to the place, the narrower road we had. I wasn't sure two cars would fit through it. There was no other car coming from the other side that time. Entering Pintu Kota is not free. Even sometimes you would be charged two times like what happened to us; first IDR 5,000 per vehicle and IDR 2,000 per person at the gate and inside the beach area. The second one looked illegal as it was a boy without an uniform who asked another IDR 2,000 per person for the entrance fee. He gave us official entrance tickets though. For your information, such annoying thing does not happen only in Pintu Kota but in many places in Ambon (or even other parts in Indonesia). And it becomes one of the reasons why tourism in this country is still not as successful as its neighbor countries.

While in Pintu Kota, please watch your steps. The corals are often slippery. The first time I came here, I slipped and hit my camera down to the ground. Then Pintu Kota is not recommended for pregnant women, especially if you want to climb up to the top of the 'door'. There are stairs but safety fences are minimum. Anyway, if the local government really wants to develop tourism in Ambon, Pintu Kota is among the first places to fix up.

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