A Hidden Beach in SEA (Southeast Ambon): Naku

Ambon Island
One sunny Sunday, together with my best friend Novrits and an Italian reporter Chiara, we went to one of the hidden beaches in Ambon. Located at the southeast side of the island, near to Naku village, the beach was unreachable by cars or motorcycles. We had to park our vehicles outside the village's gate, which was on a hill, then walk down through the village and a forest. It's about 2 km in distance. Guided by local people is highly recommended as you never know what might happen to you in the forest. Some of the paths there was not very safe to pass due to the landslides occurred in last few months. The Ambonese-typical hot sun made the trip even more tiring. But the sweat drops your body expelled for this journey would be fairly redeemed when you see the lovely natural beach. I hope the cleanliness of Naku Beach would be preserved well. When we went there, the local guide surprisingly told us to just throw away the garbage there! Isn't it terrible? Anyway, since Naku Beach is not a popular beach, it was only us there at that time. I suggest this beach for those who love beaches but hate crowds. However, please remember: DO NOT get yourself too excited then swimming or doing other activities at the beach too much because you have to climb up back afterward.
The Gate of Naku Village with local words written on it
Through the Forest Path. The photo was taken in 2011 (my first trip there)
These big stones as a border point between the village and the forest

Beautiful Naku Beach
This was the second time for me but Kristin never came to Naku before. She almost did not make it to climb up back to the village but she made it at last. In the village there were many interesting things to see as well, like beautiful flowers, an old church, boys playing kites, cloves dried under the sun and the statue of legendary dogs. In the beach area we could eat just-falling-down-from-the-tree canarium nut ('kenari' in Bahasa). It needs much efforts to crack its shell though. Anyway, the point is that Naku becomes one of the places an adventure lover must visit in Ambon island.

The local guide was cracking the 'kenari' using a stone
Climbing up back to the village

Me and Chiara in front of statues of legendary dogs

Kristin was happy to make it back to the village
Predicted Frequently Asked Questions (PreFAQ):
> Naku is located on the southeast of the island (look at the map in the text above). The best way to get there is by own vehicle coz no public transportation available. If you are in a group, you can rent an 'angkot'. Otherwise you can rent a motorcycle in the city.

> No exact amount. For me, I'll just give him IDR 50,000 (per group).

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