A Dead End Named 'Tanjung Latuhalat'

Hi readers, now I am going to discuss about the place at the background!
'Tanjung' literally means 'cape'. As a skull-shaped island, Ambon has some capes like Tanjung Allang and Tanjung Marthafonz. Both are quite popular among locals and tourists alike. But there is another cape which I am going to discuss about here. When people in Ambon say 'Tanjung' only, it mostly refers to this very place. Located in Waimahu village in the southern part of the island, it becomes the 'mouth' of Ambon Bay along with Tanjung Allang at the cross.  Every ship coming in and out the main port in the city has to pass through here. Look at the map below for better explanation.
Ambon Island
To get there by land, you just need to take the same route to Namalatu Beach but then keep following the paved road till its end. Park your vehicle and walk along the coral beach till you see this:

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