Makassar First Timers

Before the sunset view taken from Losari Beach, Makassar
I had a crush on Makassar even before visiting. Not because of its sunset view as the picture above descirbes, but Makassar offers direct access from airport to the main tourist attraction area. By spending only IDR 25,000 per person we may take DAMRI airport bus to RRI roundabout from which important places for tourists like Jalan Jampea (Chinatown), Fort Rotterdam, and Karebosi Square are easily reachable by walk.

However, our trip today was not started from the airport where the bus departed. The night before we stayed at the main road connecting Maros and Makassar. There are many minivans (which is called pete-pete here) passing there but it has to be two times work. One shall get down at Daya Terminal and change another minivan. For the fare, it is theoretically cheaper but it is actually a gray area as the driver sometimes overcharges passengers especially when he notices newcomers. So, we decided to go back to the airport using the free shuttle service from the hotel then take DAMRI bus right to the heart of Makassar.

A Moment in Bantimurung

An artificial giant butterfly at the outer gate of Bantimurung National Park
All was wet along the riverside due to the heavy rain that just passed by. My head came out of the window, immersing itself into the fresh air outside. "We've been arrived!" I shout spontaneously as I saw a giant butterfly. Yeah, after a quite long trip by pete-pete (minivan) from Maros town center, we finally entered the iconic Bantimurung National Park.

After visiting Berua Village in the hot afternoon, we returned to Maros city and treat ourselves with ice cream and cold drinks. Ironically then the sky turned cloudy. We rushed to a T-junction where we thought a pete-pete to Bantimurung would pass. But we actually went to a wrong one. So we rode a becak to get to the right one.

Maros, Where the Journey Begins

After completing our three-year contract working in Ambon as school teachers, we rewarded ourselves by traveling around for about half a month. Our trip began in Maros, Sulawesi. We had been to this island several times before, but for transit only at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport. In fact, the airport is the main gate to enter Sulawesi and also main hub for flights from and to eastern part of Indonesia including Ambon.

A remote village in the middle of karst area, Maros.
When we talk about Maros, the mainstream destionation is Bantimurung National Park. We browsed before we traveled, however, and found out that there are still many other lovely places with more promising natural views as you can see on the picture above.

Upon arriving at the airport, we called up the budget hotel where we would stay tonight, asking for their free pick-up service to come. The hotel was just at the main high road connecting Maros to Makassar, only ten minutes drive from the airport. Having rest a little bit, we went out the hotel and started our exploration. Taking an angkot-which is called 'pete-pete' here-for IDR 10.000 per person, we headed straight to  Bosowa T-Junction from which we could have walked to our first destination; Rammang-Rammang Pier. It was noon and very hot. So, we decided not to walk but taking ojek for IDR 7,500 per person (return). From the pier, renting a boat was IDR 150.000 (return). If more people had come with us, the shared cost would have been cheaper.

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