SINGAKU [Part 1]: The Swap in Singapore

 Welcoming Sculpture at Terminal 3 Changi Airport
There was a swap in the traveling party today as 4 persons left for home and 5 other persons joined the party replacing them. In other words, the tour in Singapore still went on but with different people. Before thinking about visiting the attractions, I had to do both taking and picking up people from and to Changi Airport. There were 4 different flight schedules so it made four return trips to Changi Airport in a day. Not so bad though as the airport was well-connected by MRT from town. But it was kind of boring for me to have same view over and over again.

Changi Airport is not only the among busiest airport in the world but also the best. Many things to see inside the airport, so it's better to come early when having a flight from Changi Airport. It's even provide free tour for those who transit more than 5.5 hours. This three-terminal airport is very comfortable from its check-in line with one line system to many entertainments inside such as free internet, box-office movies, video games, thematic gardens, and many more.

KUALASINGA [Part 3]: Singapore Full Day Tour

After being so tired walking around KL on the previous day, we obviously needed a proper rest. But the schedule insisted us to have an overnight trip. It was a right decision to choose a sleeper train with bed. All of us had a good sleep on board and felt refreshed when woke up this morning (though none of us taking a shower since yesterday!). It would have been a different story if we had taken normal train seats. The bed coach cost only less than 50 Ringgits per person. It was really cheap considering we did not need to pay for accommodation at that night. It was absolutely worth it! It would have been very nice to have this kind of train in our country.
Singapore, the Garden City
Taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is actually faster than taking a train. It is because the train stops quite often along the way. But for an overnight trip, it will be bothersome if you arrive too early in the morning when everything is not ready for service. So being slow is better in some cases. The last train stop before Singapore was at Johor Bahru (JB) for the immigration check. Our tickets were only to JB. But we made a mistake by having our passports stamped at that checkpoint so then we were not allowed to go out to the town. Instead we were asked to board the train again to proceed to Woodlands, Singapore. No need to pay for this, but still we had got a problem. The initial plan was to alight at JB and then take a direct bus to Queenstreet Bus Terminal in Bugis where we would stay in Singapore. But now I had no idea how to go there from Woodlands.

KUALASINGA [Part 2]: KL Old and New

Petronas Twin Towers
You may misunderstand when reading the title. But this KL Old and New Tour does not mean to take place in a new year. Instead today we were to bring the tour attendants to the old and also the new part of the city. Unlike many other big cities in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is not a seaside city. But somehow it eventually became the capital and so many old buildings from the colonial era can be seen here. The best ones are in Dataran Merdeka. The area is a must-see thing when visiting KL. Not only admiring the building architectures but also learning history is what we can do, because here in Dataran Merdeka Malaysia declared its independence. Some big events today are still hold on this open field. As a tourist spot, this area is made up very clean and neat - very different from Chinatown area, only few meters away-. The thing I don't like from Dataran Merdeka - because it's an open field - is the sun heat. However, some places around are available to avoid this:

1. KL City Gallery.
This place is my favorite. Here we can get free maps, tour information, and stuff people may get in a tourist information center. It also has a gallery and a convenient shop. The best thing here is what so called 'The Spectacular City Model Show' where we can see a miniature of KL and its future planning of development. No flash allowed when the show is running.

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